RSC Inspection needed in QLD
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    Default RSC Inspection needed in QLD

    Hi Guys,

    I have found a decent RSC in Brisbane, but being in Sydney it a bit hard to have a look at it.


    Is anybody available to have a look at it for me in the Brisbane CBD.

    I am intrested more to accident damage inspection, it is a very low KM car with warranty left (19k) so mechanicals should be ok.

    If you can help me out please contact me via this forum by PM.

    I would dearly like this done in the next few days so I can arrange my flights up.

    90 205 Gti Cherry Red(Track Car)
    2009 207gti
    1985 505gti (Shitbox Rally) Sold


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    Glad to help out a Mexican if i can Parry. I just helped my daughter buy one a few months ago so a little up to speed on them.
    Post me off list to tell me the wheres and when.
    [email protected]

    cheers JR

    Exige SC [modded], 205 Si. 205 GTi , Megane R26 LY , Megane 225 [modded ]

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