I'm in love & she doesn't even care!!!
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    Icon6 I'm in love & she doesn't even care!!!

    I am on my way home late this arvo after having been doing a session with a Laundromat machine that wouldn't answer to reason.
    I spot a car way up ahead and my son suddenly sings out "that's a CX, I'm sure of it."
    Dark colour, just on dusk and neither of us with lights on in an 80 zone. Look ahead, no signs of any nasties with radars... so I give it a bootful and get clower to have a look; yep it's a CX alright, nice dark irredescent green with...............a strange looking factory spoiler.... "Ah ha, says I knowledgeably, it's a Turbo, wonder if it's a turbo 2?" ...........get a bit closer whereupon the younger eyes next to me starts..."It's a .....twenty.....ahhh.....five........D.......T.... R.......does that mean anything to you?"

    It's a 2.5 litre Turbo Diesel and it looks an absolute pearl. Sporting fairly new Queensland number plates. I falshed the lights on a couple of occasions and I got a wave each time and I flashed and waved again just before I turned down our road, but all I got was another friendly wave and they drove off into the night; anyvbody got a clue who might own it? It's got to be without doubt the only one in Queensland and one of possibly only a couple in Australia and it looks like it is in absolute mint condition.
    I remeber one being advertised I think it was in Melbourne a few months back that was asking a scarey price, but this definitely had the brown on white plates starting with the letter "H" I think.
    If I see it again, I won't let it get away again. Could be someone on holidays or a tourist passing through; can't be a local unless they've just bought it or have just moved here.

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    some people think the petrol turbos are the ultimate CX's ... However I think a deisel turbo II would be brilliant. Quick as a standard GTi with heaps of torque AND fuel economy It'd have to make a serious tow car too

    I didn't realise we had any in Australia (most poeple that go to the effort of importing a CX bring in a petrol turbo).

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