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Thread: Megasquirt

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    Default Megasquirt

    Hi Guys,

    so has anyone had experiance with this ??

    For a fraction of the price of just an Air Flow Meter for my car ($780+++) I could buy a whole new fully programmable injection ECU with source code.


    sounds almost to good to be true ...

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    Graham Wallis has put one on one of his cars and he has been raving about it ever since

    i was actually thinking the other day after reading a few posts about the ECU's in the CX's playing up that the megasquirt unit could be a very cheap way out of replacing them if need be

    there is also another one coming out or is out that controls spark as well

    Graham was talking figures of $200 for them and then you put them together which to me is a cheap ECU and to think you can replace them if something goes wrong without too much drama
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