Sump plug gasket - mi16
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    Default Sump plug gasket - mi16

    Where would i get one of these?


    Are they generic or peugeot special part?
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    Should be a generic part. IIRC on my BX and then the XM it is a 16mm washer. If you are able, take the plug and old washer to nearest auto parts store and they should be able to match it up. Buy a few while you are there.
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    you can re use them if you anneal them

    what you need to do is heat them up and then let them cool again

    i quite often get at least 7-8 oil changes from the one washer

    i take it the Mi-16 has the copper washer the same as all the other pugs
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    Yep, the copper crushable one. I used an R12 one which is the same. Good tip about the annealing, Rambo. Never thought about that - I've got a load sitting in my washers/nuts/screws box that have been used once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pugrambo
    you can re use them if you anneal them

    what you need to do is heat them up and then let them cool again
    I've been told by a guy at work who's worked as a plumber in the past, that after you heat up copper it needs to be immediately quenched to get it really soft - letting it cool slowly doesn't really do that much to it.

    I tried quenching my copper gasket during my last oil change instead of letting it cool slowly, and it didn't really seem to be any softer. When I quenched it though, I could see all the black oxidation from the heating process crack apart and come away instantly as the gasket expanded. The oxidation also cracks off when I let it cool slowly but not as dramatically and not as much comes off.

    Any other thoughts about quenching as opposed to cooling slowly?

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    Quenching red hot copper in water is the correct way to anneal it.
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    Default Use fibre washers

    Use fibre washers. You can get them from your local hardware store - usually on one of those spin around racks, in a plastic bag/pack.
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