info thanks to Ateco
The CitroŽn C3 Pluriel, with its ability to offer five different cars in
one, is already a remarkably intelligent design, but Spain's Council of
Scientific Investigation (CSIC) have made it event smarter by endowing the
C3 Pluriel with the ability to drive itself!

As part of its work on automated driving systems, the CSIC has installed in
a CitroŽn C3 Pluriel all the latest technology developed under the AutopŪa
programme which is developing systems that will enable cars to drive
themselves on freeways or when there are traffic jams, relieving their
owners of the drudgery of freeway and stop-start driving, as well as
enhancing road usage and safety.

The test car, nick named ClavileŮo by the scientists, is based on the same
CitroŽn C3 Pluriel 1.6 litre SensoDrive sold in Australia. All the driver
inputs, the steering wheel, the gearbox, and the pedals, are operated by
the AutopŪa system. The C3 Pluriel follows hidden wires set in or alongside
the road and uses GPS SatNav accurate to just 2 cm to crosscheck that it is
exactly positioned correctly on the road, while perimeter radar checks for
hazards around the vehicle.

The CitroŽn C3 Pluriel was chosen because the advanced systems used in the
standard car, such as the multiplex electrics, the electric power steering
and the SensoDrive sequential manual gearbox, made adding and adapting the
AutopŪa technology considerably easier than in conventional cars. The size
of the C3 Pluriel and the fact that the technology was added without
affecting its five car convertibility also indicates how compact the
AutopŪa technology now is.


Of course, the decision to use the CitroŽn C3 Pluriel was not swayed by the
fact that while testing system, the scientists can sit in the back of the
Pluriel, with the roof down and enjoy the Spanish sunshine as it drives
them around the test track!