Formula1 Drivers are Bad Rally Drivers ...!!!
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    Default Formula1 Drivers are Bad Rally Drivers ...!!!

    Formula1 Drivers are Bad Rally Drivers ...!!!
    y dont u chek it urself....


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    Quote Originally Posted by dangerousmind
    Formula1 Drivers are Bad Rally Drivers ...!!!
    y dont u chek it urself....
    I know what he's trying to say, but calling Spa like a rally track .. that's a stretch.

    "In other words, you can say that it is a kind rally track i.e. handbrake turns, skid control, power slides, brake and gear control. It might be hair-raising, but power without control is not good, especially if you want to be a rally driver."

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    DM (no, not Danger Mouse) hehe, great way to take the mickey.... your not serious are you?

    I would be a lot more fun to watch F1, if drivers were doing hand brake turns.
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    Spa Franks'n'Chops is nearly as rough as a rally track. It is a pity that F1 doesnt have the helmet cam like ChampCar - because first hand you'll realise how frickin bumpy it is.

    Cant afford to experience it first hand - then come and sit in my PC Racing Cockpit and crank up the press handling demo of the soon to be released GTR Simulation game. I dont know how you're supposed to concentrate on the apex of the turn when your head is being flung around.

    PS. I dont have hydraulic actuators on the cockpit - but i'd like to get them some day. Imagine the whole cockpit being tossed and turned. But first i have to save enough money for my real car and a ridiculously expensive clutch setup for the cockpit.

    PPS. If anyone happens to come across an "ACT-LABS RS Shifter USB" floating around in a computer store - Buy it and i'll pay you back + post + $50. I'll consider 2nd hand if anyone has one that they want to sell. PM me.

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