A bloke is happily working on his Citroen DS when the better half says she can't get the boot open on her Peugeout 405 STI.

Lots of clicking of the keyless remote opens and shuts door and fuel flap "solenoids" but no boot action.

Key does not manually override the boot solenoid....hmmmm

I was tempted to say don't worry ....and go back to the DS but.....flat tire wheel access...murphy's law etc.


Access: ....via the rear seat armrest Ski-hole into ( hopefully empty) boot space.
Tools: ...torch and 10mm (flat/slightly offset) ring spanner gaffer-taped to a short length of rod..ie a long spanner.
Procedure:.....You can see and access the two bolts holding the striker to the boot lid. Lying on the back seat ..arm through the Ski hole ..you can get about 30 to 45 degrees of leverage.
Tedious.. but better than taking a crowbar or axe to the bootlid.
When bolts finally undo ..the bootlid rises..with the striker remaining latched to the body/lock assembly.

Remove interior plastic boot trim to access solenoid/lock.

Solenoid is in a sealed plastic case and appeared to have siezed.
This is not actually a Soleniod but intead a small Hobby-style reversible motor driving a gear and spiral that winds the lock activating lever in and out.
Casing is superglued together but had started to separate causing the gear to skew and then seize.

A sharp craft knife separated the case.
Some alignment, light greasing and testing ...after reconnecting to the loom seemed to fix it.

Re superglued the casing and installed ....appears OK


It was the "Siezing" of the solenoid/spiral shaft which also prevented the manual key override..hence no access to boot.

Hope this saves someone else the mystery.