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Thread: wrong year clio

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    Default wrong year clio

    i was talking to the guy i bought my 205 from ,apparently he bought himself a clio sport that he was very happy with UNTIL-taking it to renault for a service they asked him what year clio he had on the phone when booking in for a service.
    he dropped it only to get a call from the service crew that it was in fact a 2002 clio sport not a 2003 which is what the car yard told him it was at the time of purchase six months prior.
    he found out that it had been sitting at the dealership for well over a year and that they even put on the rego that it was a 2003 model.he is currently in negotiation with them at the moment but he seems to think they are going to get away with it as he has done a bit of aftermarket stuff on the car ie tinted windows,exhaust,power chip[god knows why]paint conditioning and is afraid he is not going to be compensated for these extras.
    i will post the outcome as it happens .
    i generally think this sucks big time and is just another example of they greedy people that work in the automotive industry.not everyone fits that bracket but im afraid that the people who dont fit are getting smaller and smaller everyday leaving a generall impression of ,well let me quote some lyrics buy frank zappa on the subject he calls them 'FLAKES'
    i asked as nice as i could
    if my job would
    somehow be finished by friday
    but the whole dam weekend came and went,they didnt do nothin
    and they charged me double for sunday!
    and you know no matter what you do
    thay 're gunna cheat and rob you
    and give you a bill that will get your sences realling
    and if you donot pay they got computer collectors
    that will get you crazy till your head goes through the cealing
    i swear to god they got the most
    and they do buisness on the coast
    the are the FLAKES
    they didnt fix my brakes ,iasked wheres the motor well it was eaten by snakes
    you can stamp and you can spit but they wont be fixin it
    they are lying and lazy ,they're gonna be drivin you crazy
    you got the flakeim not really bitter[yeah right]-BAZZ


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    Similar thing happened when i bought my Ford LTD. When i asked what it was (2nd hand) - they said it was a DL . Visually/aesthetically there was no difference between the DF and DL. However, the motor changed from 167kW to 185kW. I found out they day i was to pick it up that it was a DF II... and had to make a hard decision - under pressure - there and then.

    Of course i took it, knowing full well that the motor was going to be worked off it tits...

    But still... if the same company could identify the car upon a service, then the same company should be more than adequately able to identify the make and model when it comes to a financial purchase. They misled your friend and profited from it. I'm no lawyer but you have reasonable ground to push for compensation for 'loss of value' or the 'value difference' at the time of purchase.


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    s.70 of the Trade Practices Act: Sellers duty to sell goods that correspond with description.

    Perhaps also Misleading and Deceptive conduct (If they knew and deliberately withheld the information)?

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