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    Default Froggy Movie

    Watched "The Truth About Charlie" on Foxtel last night. The movie was set in Paris and filmed in 2002, so needles to say there was alot of froggy eye candy. It was a strange movie, but the strangest thing was that everytime the main characters got into a Taxi it was an old frog! First it was an R16, then a Peugeot 403, followed by a Citroen DS and then a Peugeot 604!
    I'd like to know what the secret is where Parisian Taxi drivers can keep their old frogs in prestine condition, driving them daily in Parisian traffic!
    Movie magic I suspect!
    There's also a good view of an R30 in one of the scenes.

    Cheers Renomad

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    I should have watched it. Ah well.

    I did see some perfect old Frogs in Paris last year - a 304 convertible, 504 coupe and a horrible R4. All the taxis are Mercedes E220 CDI, 406 (mainly wagons), 607, Vel Satis, C5 (hatch) and the 807.
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    There was a Good use of a late Model 505 as the star car within a film called "Butter Fly Kisses" as showed on SBS late one night just gone..

    The Movie was about this Crazy BySexual Girl walking around the highways of Europe looking for a lost pen pal love named Ruth?

    The 505 gets used when they steal it from a guy at a servo after getting them to take em for a lift.. the proced to copulate with him, then kill him.. and put him in the boot and drive away...

    Looked nice all the way through tho..

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    isnt "amelie" on this sunday night on SBS or something?

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    Default Movie Stars

    Last year the ABC had a Western Australian thre part Mini Series called The Shark Net.

    My 1961 Renault Dauphine was the lead actors car for the series. An interesting part was the R rated segment. I still cant work out how that was acheived in my car!!!

    Dont know if this has ever been mentioned as I was not aware of Aussie Frogs then.

    The video is available from ABC shops.


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    Yup, Amelie this Sunday. And I recommend it to anyone. Brilliant film.
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