RACV Used Car Tests
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    Default RACV Used Car Tests

    In this month's Royalauto (RACV mag/birdcage liner) there is a bit of a write up of used car safety ratings.. heres how the French cars fared

    Significantly Better than Average
    Peugeot 306 (94-01)

    Better than Average
    Peugeot 505 (82-93)


    Peugeot 205 (87-94) -- surprisingly enough one of the best in the light car category. I thought a little 205 would be a little tin deathtrap in an accident situation. (most others in the category were "significantly worse than average")
    Peugeot 405 (89-97)
    Renault Fuego (82-87)

    Worse than Average
    No frogs

    Significantly Worse than Average
    No frogs

    That's all they listed .. I guess they didn't have a statistically significant amount of crash data for any others.
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    Since its in terms of safety relative to other cars of the time rather than of absolute safety, I'm not sure its all that helpful.

    Kind of interesting, but I'd like to know how old cars would fair against newer ones. We all know they would be worse, but by how much?

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    While it isn't counted in the test, I'd say having features such as ABS would make a big difference. I've avoided accidents when driving cars with ABS and had an accident in my 505 partially because it didn't have ABS.

    It is hard to know really. The 505 has a very safe body structure for a car of its age. They don't crumple like the newer cars, but they certainly seem to hold up quite well going on crashed ones I've seen at wrecking yards. That said, being a car of older design you sit a lot closer to the windscreen, no airbags etc.

    I'm really not sure how it would stack up to newer cars. If I was going to crash into a 205 or a modern tinbox, I think a 505 would be the better bet purely because it is a tank of a car.
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    An interesting set of results. I have the previous MUARC report, which is about 145 pages long!

    Here are some results from Folksam, which has been doing real world analysis for quite some time. These are for French cars.

    At least 40% safer than the average car


    At least 30% safer than the average car

    Renault Laguna 94-00

    At least 15% safer than the average car

    CitroŽn Xantia 94-00
    Peugeot 405 88-96
    CitroŽn XM 90-00

    At least as safe as the average car

    Peugeot 309 87-93
    Renault Megane 96-02
    Peugeot 605 90-99

    At the most, 15% less safe than the average car

    Renault Clio 91-97
    CitroŽn ZX 92-98
    Peugeot 306 93-01
    Renault 19 89-95

    Worse than "15% less safe" than the average car

    CitroŽn AX 88-93
    Peugeot 205 84-93
    Renault Twingo 94-01

    It's important to be interpret car safety results carefully though. Some in VW circles are crowing that the Golf is the safest car on the planet based on lab results. Just remember it's a small car. Just remember that crashes into fixed barriers do not take into account the importance of weight. So the notion that it is the safest car is incorrect, the safest within its class would be more accurate (even if it received a few points than a larger car) - add another 100kg to a car, you reduce the injury risk by about 7%.

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