CitroËn Blitzes The Opposition In Germany
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    Icon10 CitroËn Blitzes The Opposition In Germany

    Citroën has strengthened its grip on the 2004 World Rally Championship
    with a commanding win by Sébastien Loeb in his Citroën Xsara at the German
    round of the WRC at the weekend (20-22 August 2004), his third consecutive win the German Rally, his six win this season and Citroën's seventh

    Sébastien Loeb now has 29 point advantage over second placed Marko
    Martin in the drivers' championship, while Citroen heads Ford by an equal 29
    point margin for the manufacturers' championship.

    Citroën lead the Rally of Germany from start to finish, first in the
    hands of Carlos Sainz, who finished third overall and from stage two,
    Sébastien Loeb. But this is not say it was an easy rally across the tank training grounds and vineyards around Trier. The rally will be remembered for
    the atrocious weather conditions, which made the first two days of the
    event so difficult.

    The Rally of Germany is almost a local event for Sébastien Loeb, coming
    as he does from just across the border in France, so thousands of fans
    poured across the border to watch the young Frenchman claim his third German crown.

    "2002 was the very first WRC win of my career, so of course it was
    quite unforgettable. Last year's was important, as it was so close. This
    year, the gap might have been wider, but the road conditions could have ended it all out at any moment," commented Loeb after a rally that saw reigning world champion Petter Solberg spectacularly demolish his Subaru as he battled to keep up with Loeb.

    "So I have never really won easily here! It's a rally where you have to
    both push and be patient, and that was even more true than ever this
    year. And you must be careful in such precarious conditions," explained Loeb.
    Germany is not Carlos Sainz favourite event, so have three podium
    finishes reconciled "El Matador" to an event among vineyards and tank traps?

    "Almost!" Carlos replies with a smile. "Marc and I have claimed our
    third podium in a row, thanks to both the team's excellent work and to our
    unyielding determination to overcome the conditions on this event. We
    are now third in the championship, and as well as the position, I am quite
    naturally very satisfied to see that I am still able to be up with the

    Team manger, Guy Fréquelin is happy with the team's success, but took
    nothing for granted in Germany

    "It was not easy," Guy Fréquelin admitted. "In this event, it would
    have been simple for a team to make a mistake in tyre choices. We came out
    rather well. It would have been easy for the drivers to go off the
    road. They were able to avoid the potential traps, completing the event with
    driving that was as brilliant as it was intelligent. It was vital for
    us not to be over-confident on the tarmac and really on it being a Citroen
    strength. We defended position and kept our strong hold on the
    championships. We are now in a good position in both championships. We
    are more keen than ever to keep our hold of it all but there is still a
    long way to go!"


    Stage wins
    Leg 1. SS1 : Carlos Sainz (Citroën Xsara) - SS2 and 3 : François Duval
    (Ford Focus) - SS4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 : Sébastien Loeb (Citroën Xsara).


    Leg 2. SS9 : notional time - SS10 : F. Duval - SS11 : Markko Märtin
    (Ford Focus) - SS12 : notional time - SS13 : Armin Schwarz (Skoda Fabia) -
    SS14 :S. Loeb - SS15 : Freddy Loix (Peugeot 307) - SS16 : S. Loeb - SS17 :
    Cédric Robert (Peugeot 307).

    Leg 3. SS18 : F. Loix - SS19 : F. Duval - SS20 : C. Robert - SS21, 22
    and 23 : F. Duval - SS24 : S. Loeb.

    Best performers*
    S. Loeb, 8 fastest times - F. Duval, 7 - F. Loix, 2 - C. Robert, 2 - C.
    Sainz, 1 - M. Märtin, 1 - A. Schwarz, 1 - Notional times, 2.

    Successive leaders
    SS1 : C. Sainz - SS2 to 24 : S. Loeb

    Overall classification OMV ADAC Rallye Deutschland**
    1. S. Loeb/D. Elena (Citroën Xsara) 4 h 01 min 57,4 s
    2. F. Duval/S. Prevot (Ford Focus) + 29,1 s
    3. C. Sainz/M. Marti (Citroën Xsara) + 1min 09,5 s
    4. M. Märtin/M. Park (Ford Focus) + 2 min 40,4 s
    5. C. Robert/G. Bedon (Peugeot 307) + 3 min 30,1 s
    6. F. Loix/S. Smeets (Peugeot 307) + 4 min 06s
    7. T. Gardemeister/P. Lukander (Skoda Fabia) + 5 min 44,2 s
    8. M. Hirvonen/J. Lehtinen (Subaru Impreza) + 6min 41,1 s
    9. S. Sarrazin/P. Pivato (Subaru Impreza) + 6 min58,9 s
    10. A. Bengué/C. Escudero (Peugeot 206) + 10 min26,7 s …

    * Stage times of the competitors who re started after having retired
    thanks to the SupeRally regulations trial, are not taken into account in these

    FIA World Manufacturers' Rally Championship **
    1. Citroën, 125 points - 2. Ford, 96 pts - 3. Subaru, 67 pts - 4.
    Peugeot, 65 pts - 5. Mitsubishi, 17 pts.

    FIA World Drivers' Rally Championship **
    1. S. Loeb, 76 points - 2. M. Märtin, 47 pts - 3. C. Sainz, 46 pts - 4.
    P.Solberg, 44 pts - 5. M. Grönholm, 42 pts - 6. F. Duval, 39 pts - 7. M.
    Hirvonen, 19 pts - 8. J. Tuohino, 16 pts - 9. H. Rovanperä, 14 pts -
    10. F.Loix, 7 pts - 11. D. Carlsson, 6 pts - 12. G. Panizzi, 6 pts - 13. C.
    Robert, 4 pts - 14. M. Stohl, 3 pts - 15. J. Paasonen, 3 pts - 16. H.
    Solberg, 3 pts - 17. L. Perez Companc, 3 pts - 18. T. Gardemeister, 3
    pts -19. J. Välimäki, 2 pts - 20. A. Ginley, 2 pts - 21. A. Warmbold, 1 pt -
    22.M. Campos, 1 pt - 23. O. Burri, A. Vovos et G. Pozzo, 1 pt.

    ** Classements officieux jusqu'à leur validation par la FIA.

    Craig K
    2009 C5 HDi Exclusive

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    Default It's a spoiler!!!

    shouldn't this be in the motorsport section with a spoiler disclaimer.

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    pffft as if anouncing Citroens dominance is a spoiler...


    Thats what you get for overhauling the Kit-Car regulations you FIA bastards. Multi-million dollar slap your face. The Xsara was going to be the best Kit-Car in the world until FIA imposed stringent rules on the F2 category because the Xsara managed to beat the A8 WRC {TURBO} cars TWICE in a row with a miserable 280BHP {NAT.ATMO} through FWD only.


    {edited material in paranthesis}

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