Free Tickets to Paris...for two!!!!
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    Default Free Tickets to Paris...for two!!!!

    info thanks to Ateco

    Citroens, past and present, are synonymous with Paris, whether they are
    delivering baguettes in CitroŽn Berlingo vans or delivering French
    presidents to the Elysťe Palace, the French capital without iconic
    CitroŽn's prowling its streets is unthinkable.


    And for a limited time anyone who buys a petrol-engined CitroŽn C5 can find
    out for themselves why CitroŽn is so inexorably linked to Paris because the
    French car maker is providing new CitroŽn C5 owners with a pair of round
    trip tickets to Paris.

    "Visiting Paris is an extraordinary experience, it is such a unique and
    vital city," says Miles Williams, General Manager for CitroŽn in Australia.
    "There is something in Paris for everyone, from the history, to the art
    treasures at the Musee du Louvre and the many other famous galleries, to
    the shopping for Haute Couture and countless bargains in the flea markets,
    or just the pleasure of wandering the streets of this fabulous city, with
    something surprising lurking around every corner. And a visit to Paris also
    explains in so many ways why the CitroŽn C5 is such a special car, with its
    technology, styling and features."

    Included in the offer is the CitroŽn C5 2.0 litre in sedan and estate
    versions with manual gearboxes, from $42,990 for the sedan and $47,000 for
    the estate. The range topping luxury, performance and comfort of the
    CitroŽn C5 V6 is also included in the Paris ticket offer, with prices
    starting at a recommended retail price of $57,490.

    The CitroŽn C5 Paris ticket offer could also be a ticket to the whole of
    Europe, with CitroŽn's Drive Europe programme offering CitroŽn lease cars
    from as little as $33 a day and including the whole CitroŽn range of cars
    and people movers. Flying with Austrian Airlines, there is also the
    possibility of seeing another fabulous European City, Vienna.

    The C5, See Paris offer is available on all CitroŽn C5 petrol engined
    versions purchased between 7 August and 30 September. Tickets are for two
    adult return flights to Paris from Sydney or Melbourne and must be used by
    15 November 2005.

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    I love Paris but this must mean that Australians contrary to popular belief like diesels best.
    Mark McKibbin

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