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    Default Car wash - Melbourne

    I have had paint protection applied to my car (Ming I think), and they gave me this special car washing stuff to use. Problem is I don't have access to a hose and bucket etc. Anyone know of any car washes in Melbourne that can accommodate using this stuff?? Please help 'cos my Puggy is looking decidedly filthy.

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    .....hmmmm...Do it late in the day.....or at night (many are open till late)....So when there is nobody take your $2 bucket and your $2 sponge (try and not use the brush-IT "WILLL" SCRATCH YOUR CAR....wet the car...and u know the rest....(just make sure you bring some water in the bucket with you..TAPS are normally removed---drive carefully).....
    Whats more ll be all alone (maybe put some music on)....and no d###ds
    spraying mist all over your just dryed car....



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    i usually go to the BP DIY spot on Swan St just past the corner of Churh St. Go there at night. But be prepared to wait for others, as at times others are doing the same :-)

    As Dino says, don't ever use the brush.

    You pay $2 to spray your car, then another $2 to rinse ought to do the trick.
    There are vacuums and spots to dry your car too.

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