people in brisbane... did you see the commodore crash on the news
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    Default people in brisbane... did you see the commodore crash on the news

    was on my way to brisbane today, half way between caboulture and anywhere, and this dickhead (pardon my words but i cant really say anything else) in a commodore comes flying past me (EDIT: no less then 150km/h) ... smoke bellowing out the exshaust creating a nice smoke screen NOT! (especially when it crashed)... not even a sharp turn the guy must have jumped the brakes... because next thing i know he was doing piroutes abouut a hundred metres in front of me.... hiting the armco then bouncing off into the oposite direction into the ditch in the middle of the road... alls i can say is that it scared the hell out of me... and what happens next is almost as stupid... the idiot in the 4wd that was behind him at the time reverses up the fast lane to see if hes allright no care in the world for the traffic that was behind him or me in the lane beside him just waiting for people to hit him, or swearve to miss him... i end up driving into the turning lane with my hazard lights on and pulling up till all his crap finished flying off the front and rear of his car (EDIT: the commodore) and then drive off whilst trying to avoid the 4wd and any idiots that had to swearve being the fact that he parked it in the middle of the road ... i think somebody didn't want me here anymore

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    Yes some idiots on the roads these days like today comming back from Mt glorious thru the twisties and some prick is doing a U TURN, HELLO they are all blind corners.

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    U turn or 3 point turn ?

    Well here in Adelaide, my car (wheel) got hit by a piece of timber that shot over the top of the car next to me - because the 4wd behind him had a bundle of planks atop his roof racks. He only tied a rope AROUND the planks. WELL DERR as soon as he braked all the planks from the centre of the bundle slid out at 60 km/h.

    But i was on my way to a LAN party and couldn't be ****ed waiting to give my eye witness account.

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