Francois Pignon is an accountant, a nice but boring man. His ex-wife (whom he still loves), his teenage son and his colleagues avoid him or greet him with polite indifference. When he learns that he is being retrenched by his employer (a condom manufacturer), he contemplates suicide but is saved by his new neighbour Belone, who comes up with a ploy to save his job: start a rumour that he's gay. His employer will then be too scared to ruin the reputation of the company by sacking him. The strategy works and the termination is withdrawn. Assuming his bland appearance must be masking a pervert, Pignon's colleagues change their behaviour towards him, especially the homophobic HR director Santini, who grows increasingly obsessed with him. Francois begins to assert himself (and stops loving his ex-wife) and people (notably his son and one of his accounting colleagues, beautiful Mlle Laroque) are forced to take fresh stock of the man they thought they knew. Directed by Francis Veber and stars Daniel Auteuil, Gerard Depardieu and Thierry Lhermitte. (In French, English subtitles) M (S,L,A) WS
This was a great film last night on sbs. Very funny stuff. Lots of french cars like:
citroen Bx
Renault clio 1992
Heaps more
Very funny stuff if you get a chance to see it.....