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    Default push the button max.

    how cool is this as an idea for control races??



    Each car will have a Push-to-Pass button, and when the driver prods it he'll have access to an extra 50bhp...

    ...Here's the clever bit. The extra 50bhp is available only for a total of 60 seconds during the race, and each driver has to figure out exactly when to use his ration, which can be taken in whatever bursts he wants.
    i want one of these buttons in my car!
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    Who's been watching too much fast & the furious??? LOL

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    this is fairly old news, its allready been implemented in the champ car series, i think tis pretty cool but still how much extra is 60 seconds worth of boost going to add to a race. in champ cars were the competition between cars is fairly even it might add to the race a little but i don't think it would work in many other series

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    if you think the "push to pass" button adds some excitement to the dudes on the straight-aways, their latest addition is the Orange Tyres. Each team is given a set of extra grippy (soft compound tyres) that they can use whenever or never - but of course all of this can exist only in a sport where there is

    Control Engine
    Control ECU (and random redistribution between events)
    Control Tyres

    i love watching the ChampCars. The push to pass, the lack of ABS, the lack of traction control, no tyre warmers, and the friggin 30cm searing blue flame that shoots out of the back of the turbo's when they gun it out of pits. (that must nearly roast that poor dude that has to help push them away)

    -Q. [ i love all motorsport, 'specially the WRC]

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