info thanks to Ateco

It's called the Golden Hour and it's the 60 minutes after a serious road
accident during which if medical care is promptly delivered the chances of
survival and a full recovery are dramatically increased.


But frequently time is lost while the emergency services are summoned and,
in France alone, the Road Safety and Traffic Department (DSCR) has
calculated that 250 people a year die because emergency help was not
summoned quickly enough.

To tackle this problem CitroŽn has launched an automated system in France
that can summon the emergency services automatically, telling them exactly
where the accident has taken place and its severity. A specially equipped
call centre takes the call and co-ordinates the emergency response. The
call centre has a team of doctors and experts on hand 24 hours a day and
who can also provide assistance, help and advice over the mobile phone
system to accident victims if they are conscious or to other people on the
scene of the accident prior to the arrival of the emergency services.

This life saving technology is now fitted as standard as part of the third
generation CitroŽn NaviDrive satellite navigation and GSM mobile phone
system available in Europe on CitroŽn C3, Xsara and C5 models. Its
deployment in Australia, where, with this country's greater distances and
lower population densities, could offer substantial life saving potential,
would require emergency services to have the equipment receive digital
emergency calls from the system.