Twenty-five years for Swedish Peugeot Club
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    Icon10 Twenty-five years for Swedish Peugeot Club

    A little message to anyone visiting Sweden in August. (Proabably not likely, but could be of interest)

    The Swedish Peugeot Club (Svenska Peugeotlubben) will be celebrating their 25 th year jubilee on the weekend 6-8 August from 3.00 pm on Friday at Sätra Brunn (Sätra Spa) just outside Sala which is in turn a little north west of Stockholm.
    It is culturally stimulating place as well as perhaps bodily stimulating ; after all it is a spa resort.
    On the agenda is BBQ on Friday evening, a rally (ie the car friendly type) around the countryside on Saturday and a gala dinner with dancing. On Sunday, there will be a visit to Änglesberg with a visit to an old oil refinery (Museum), it is on the World Heritage List.
    There are possibilities to ride Iceland Horses, Spa at the spa, try the Swedish Folkracing (driving old but prepared cars in a race where crashing and such is hard to avoid, good fun) and other fun things. These things would cost ypu extra though.

    The Meeting fee is 350 Swedish Crowns (about $70)for adults and 175 SEK for children under 15. It includes food at the BBQ, the lunch packet on Saturday, the gala dinner at the Society House, the lunch packet on Sunday and of course a starting place on Saturday's rally. There will been prizes for the rally. Partakers are asked to have period clothes for the rally ( I imagine they mean 70 and 80's clothes) to add a little spice, but this is totally up to you ( as everything is in Sweden).
    Accomadation: you can book it yourself, there is hotel accomadation at about 400 SEK for a single room and 700 for a double room, this includes breakfast. Hostelliving is about 200 SEK per bed, with 55 extra for brekkie. There is bound to be some camping place nearby.

    Last Date for applying is JULY 23rd.

    See the clubs homepage at
    or put in a message on the thread if you need more info.. I might be able get some phone numbers to you then
    Swedes usually have a good level of English and the club people are friendly and helpful, and this is the Swedish summer time.
    I will not be going because I am actually going to be in Oz at that time, lucky me.
    Regards to all.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Filldebin
    A little message to anyone visiting Sweden in August. (Proabably not likely, but could be of interest)
    YA RECKON, well funny you should say that cause our AussieFrogs ambassador to Sweden will be in Sweden in August i believe, however i don't think its the pugs he is interested in.

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