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Thread: What Privacy ??

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    Default What Privacy ??

    Just about every Australian company has a "privacy policy".

    Peugeot http://www.peugeot.com.au/peugeot/au...e.home&FFFF339
    Citroen http://www.citroen.com.au/privacy
    Renault http://www.renault.com.au/renault/corporate/legal.asp

    While all of them promise to keep your information to themselves ... they do state they may be working with their "marketing" partners ... in that case I'll just let you know (as far as I can tell) that in Peugeot's case when you ask for a test drive on the web ... you MUST provide: Name, Postal Address, Telephone Number and Email Address (plus some other things) ... and did you then know this info is passed onto http://www.internationalsos.com/ and http://www.anysurvey.com.au/


    Even though it states "We never pass your details on to any non-Peugeot company". Last time I looked niether of these are Peugeot Companies ... I guess they must be one of the "marketing" partners covered in the Privacy Statement. FTR - 2 peugeot employees also get a notification - THAT I understand.

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    PS: Just about every company is guilty of this ... what do you think Fly-buys is all about ??
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    Default flybuys

    a con.

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    Any of the loyalty programs are exactly that - tracking your every movement. I have to say, Fly-Buys has never earn me anything much, even with many thousands of dollars a year spent at Harris Technology for business IT equipment! I'd say even Frequent Flyer programs are more about the tracking than what the consumer gets out of it - they know where you go, how often, what car you hire, for how long.

    It can help improve customer service - any product we sell with a warranty or potential future service requirements, we offer to take details in order for us to help people out in the future. It blows people away when 7 years later they call up and say "the propeller thing that whirs around inside my pump looks busted" and you say "what's your surname". 5 seconds later, you say oh yes sir, that's a model xyz - we can have another one to you tomorrow morning for $25. I've never known a single person to knock us back on the initial offer, but boy does it help improve the way we can help people.

    As such, I don't mind companies taking details if they use it to help you out in the future, but I know most companies just want to sell the data as an additional profit source

    One of my dad's friends has a good idea. His name is Alan. His surname isn't Smith Sometimes he's Alan A. Smith, sometimes he's Alan B. Smith, other times, he's Alan C.J. Smith. He always has his diary/PDA with him, so he notes down who he told he was Alan C.J. Smith and voila - he knows who sold his name to who! Cool huh?


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