Are Fuego (OHC) & 505 STI valves the same?
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    Icon9 Are Fuego (OHC) & 505 STI valves the same?

    Pulled the head off our trusty STI & found 3, maybe 4, bent inlet valves from when the cambelt stripped. OUCH!

    Does anyone know if overhead cam Fuegos & 505 STI valves the same? Was up at pick-a-part the other day and there were a sad line of Fuegos next to the 505's.


    The heads looked the same on both, except for exhaust manifold stud position.
    Good thing about the Renault was that you could take off the cam cover without removing the front pulley (you have to do this on the Pugs). I rekon this little feature would halve the effort required to replace a cambelt.

    Also how much is a top half gasket set (head & other upper things) for an STI/GTI these days?
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    Dont know if the valves are the same, but I wouldnt be surprised if they were.

    I prefer the cam cover on the Pug - it protects the belt from the elements a lot better - worth a bit of extra messing about come belt change time.

    Gaskets are cheap - go see Carrevelle Imports in Box Hill. Ken should be able to tell you if the velves are interchangeble as well
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