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    Default 70 Profile Tyres

    This post is regarding my BMW, but seeing as many of the older frogs run 70 profile tyres, the comments which (I hope will) follow may be relevant to French cars as well.
    Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with good 70 profile tyres or can offer advice on what to buy and what not to buy?

    I'm looking at 195/70 14 inch size, and I've gotten quotes on Dunlop Daytona 70 (a tad more expensive at $122 each) , Bridgestone ER60 ($115) and Bridgestone S237 ($105).

    I currently have the S237's, which are V rated as opposed to the rest which are H-rated, but they don't seem all that spectacular a tyre, especially in the wet. I seldom see 140km/h let alone 240 and I'm tempted to try the Jap made ER60's.

    Searching the websites, other tyres that come in that size are
    -Yokohama S760's (I've read mixed reviews on this one. They seem to perform very poorly in older tyre tests, brilliantly in the latest Wheels Mag one)
    -Michelin Certis (price and experience from other Aussiefrogs members in previous posts scratch this one)
    -BF Goodrich T/A Sport
    -Various Simex/Toyo/Goodyear etc. Not all that keen on Goodyears, as I my experience with their tyres hasn't been brilliant.

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    I can't help you other than say that Certis fitted to a six cylinder BMW would be suicide in the wet... I've had some very scary near misses in my 70kw 505 with power-oversteer in the wet...
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    Certises aren't a current model anymore, they've been replaced by a new Michelin Energy variant.

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    i have goodyear eagles i think on the 604 in 65 series and they seem to be not too bad

    i have had yokohamas in the past but again in 65 and 60 series but they were pretty good (A509's both times)

    as for michelin, unless you can get them at the same price or cheaper than the rest i'd steer clear of them

    also be wary of the cheaper pirellis in my experience from them and they were 70 series
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