206RC v's Clio 182
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    Default 206RC v's Clio 182

    Someone care to translate ...?


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    try this XTC

    Just enter the link in babelfish and select english to french translation and you get enough of what they are on about. They basically like both cars just as well, but for different reasons.

    They dont like the ESP on the Clio but they call it something different because they reckon it is to obtrusive, whereas the 206 the reckon it is done well and you can turn it off. And of course they dont like the 206 for seating position, the non adjust steering column.


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    Quote Originally Posted by XTC206
    Someone care to translate ...?
    Use Babel Fish to do the translation, it loses the grammar, but the essence is still there. Not as confusing , nor humourous as Engrish (Jap to Eng translations). Thanks for the link.

    Renault Sport CLIO 182
    22,050 € (+ 400 € with option frame sport)

    Caradisiac liked
    The excellent engine, even more brilliance that before and coupleux with semi-mode
    Performances (better than the 206 RC)
    The adjustments polished frames*: pleasure of control and effectiveness still to the rise (with the option frame Sport) compared to the RS2
    Braking and direction
    The always sure and easy behavior
    The complete comfort and safety equipment
    The reasonable price and consumption

    Caradisiac appreciated less*
    The comfort of the bench (3 places) rather Spartan
    The comfort of suspension degraded (with the option frame Sport) on the undulations
    Visibility 3/4 passable AR
    More spare wheel (like Ragnotti and the 206 RC)
    Some increase of couple in the direction

    Caradisiac did not like*
    The CBC (near cousin to ESP) castrator (not déconnectable)
    The perfectible passage speeds (contracting passage of 2 in 3)
    The position of not very sporting control: base too high and flying too horizontal and nonadjustable in-depth
    The prohibitory tariff of two special paintings (1 524 €)

    Peugeot 206 RC
    Caradisiac liked
    The engine ragor, (almost*?) as pleasant as the RS
    Performances, hardly in withdrawal of the RS
    The effective, pleasant and very healthy behavior
    Esp déconnectable
    The equipment of complete comfort, of which the head offices AV and AR
    The interesting purchase price

    Caradisiac appreciated less*
    Consumption a little less reasonable than CLIO RS
    Braking and ABS slightly less less convincing than CLIO RS
    No the spare wheel

    Caradisiac did not like
    The slightly perfectible position of control (in-depth nonadjustable wheel)

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    ESP is switchable on Clio's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reno
    ESP is switchable on Clio's
    I haven't gone through the whole article yet, but was thinking that perhaps the new RS Clio has gone the way of the Megane: non-switchable ESP, with 'CSV understeer control'. Haven't seen this mentioned in any of the other reviews of the Clio 182 that I've read.

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