Auction hail damaged cars QLD Some Frogs !
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Thread: Auction hail damaged cars QLD Some Frogs !

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    Default Auction hail damaged cars QLD Some Frogs !

    For my sins a have received an email from Pickles auctions about an upcoming auction of hail damaged cars in QLD. THey appear to be all repairable write offs. Hundreds of vehicles !!
    At a quick look there are a couple of Citroen C4s, some number of Peugeots, and some number of Renaults of various types. Of course there are lots of others including a couple of trips to the Great Wall
    Good luck and happy bidding. Insurance problems of course but a French drive to work may beat some other boreing car.


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    Particularly if you pick a nice white hail damaged C4.

    Instead of forking out money to get it repaired, invest some time a some pocket-money to affirm people's prejudice to French cars. Paint each hail dimple in pink! Your bad "acned" C4 will stand out in any parking lot and be easily found. You will be introduced to many inquisitive, educated people who majored in Psych at uni to try to figure you out. Teenagers going through the acne stage will reckon you are a martyr.

    You may even get a job offer from an advertising firm.

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