Every time that we have rented a car on our travels, it has been my practice to arrange the rental and pay for it in Australian dollars - then all I have to do is drive carefully and not get pinged by revenue raisers. I paid $1,531 AUD with the local agents of Eurocar, and they did tell us there was no more to pay. I must say Eurocar was very professional and efficient, I usually photograph the car that is presented, and did that, which was good as amazingly I didn't see a deep scrape on the headlight and a dark tyre? mark on the left mudguard near the headlight. It was wet and after dark.

We drove up to Scotland and my good lady and her genealogy research friend guided us around Aberdeen and we had a great time, learnt to be aware of not driving in priority Bus lanes and where to find parking spots while viewing cemeteries, churches, digging up relatives, when we parked near the Macca Church, the only parking spot I could find was facing the opposite way on the road, with the left side away from the kerb, the friend later pointed out the large scratch on that side front. Damn well that will probably cost me...of course the hire company puts a 250 block on your card, so what the hell let nothing spoil the trip later took lots of photos around Aberdeen and surrounds. In reviewing the photos, that I took of the car on the night we picked it up from Heathrow and in that poor light I could actually see the damage! Hooray and a look at the hire form confirmed a huge list of written up minor scratches and small dents, so they are very thorough. I guess you can order a spare at a cost, but that will take up luggage space.

Now when we put the car back in their care, the service was quick effective I knew that I had inadvertently driven down a Bus Lane near the Gallows junction, as I missed the count of exits, to made a left turn down a largely deserted road - Damn contribution to the Havering Council 104 pounds or 65 pound if paid within a specified period. Eurocar had emailed the details to my phone and advised they had paid the 65 pounds but as contracted there was an administration fee of 40 pounds Oh well what is done is done, and when I dropped the car off I asked about paying the fine and admin fee, I was assured by the very polite guy that they would recover that from the 250 credit stop. Couldn't fault the service and a shuttle bus ride to Heathrow and we were on the way home.

After arrival home we found that our card had been charged in error for what was a prepaid car, so queried that with Flight Centre Melbourne and that was immediately refunded to my account. and the 105 pound amount had also been debited to our account, no problems. What we could not work out was a further 241 pound 47 charge that was later charged to our bank? After getting through the Christmas rush I emailed Eurocar Customer service and at first they only mentioned the proper appropriation of the fine and admin cost

so I sent a slightly terse email pointing out that was not the amount in question, mind you the customer service acknowledgement was excellent. Tonight I got an email reply that in view of the documentation supplied the charge was being refunded.

I am pleased with this and as I say apart from the initial mix-up can't fault the firm. On some of the documents type of car etc, there was mention of emission charges, and I wondered if we had strayed into one of those Green zones, where certain cars are restricted by the local councils or the 2000 miles we had travelled while driving around the UK was an additional charge levied on top of the original Melbourne payment.


Years earlier I had tried to use one of Rod Slater's WA Eurocar deals but didn't have sufficient time/planning they needed to arrange it, so the reason I picked the Firm.

So one quite satisfied frogger, happy to recommend them. Just be aware that some cars like the one I hired do not come with a spare tyre you call the AA apparently if you have a flat, glad I didn't need one.