Lexia in Brisbane?
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    Default Lexia in Brisbane?

    I was wondering if there is anyone in Brisbane with a working Lexia tool and laptop.
    I have purchased the usual Chinese knock off and dodgy software.


    I am using DiagBox 7.02 as Lexia was impossible to set up. The setup recognises that the Lexia tool and car are there but can’t poll the VIN, so the VIN and RPO have to be manually entered. After that it only recognises the engine ECU (injection) and gearbox ECU. The Lexia tool firmware and driver revision seem OK. The car is a 2004 C2 so the early version of DiagBox shouldn’t be a problem?

    The software side doesn’t worry me but I would like to know if the Lexia tool is working properly by using it on a known working set up.

    Can anyone help with any of my inquiries?

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    What side of Brisbane? I need to return another members setup and have my own working version. But only on the Northside.

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