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    Default Xantia Resurrection

    A couple of months ago I cooked the engine on my Xantia VSX. I lamented that it would be the last hydraulic Citroen I would ever own. I had organised for the car to be picked up for scrap and I think they were going to pay $200 for it. I took everything of value from the car, threw my wife's key into the bin and then prepared to wait for the scrap man. Jason came to the rescue but was unable to help. Engine completely stuffed due to overheating because the radiator leaked (and a number of other radiators of similar vintage did as well).

    Unable to mentally cope with getting rid of a car that I really liked and Jason looking at a bleaker future without a good customer, a plot was hatched. I bought a Xantia SX. Didn't quite like the colour both outside and inside but by swapping the engine/gearbox (both are ZF automatics), fitting the last new radiator in Australia which was for a manual, not automatic, adding an automatic gearbox radiator kit from SCA, I now have the car operational again with the VSX suspension and one year old comfort spheres. I have picked up some bad habits from the old Camry I bought to replace it and have been indicating with the wipers, but I think I will unlearn that very soon.

    I picked it up yesterday, degreased the engine bay today and washed the car and polished the car. I am as happy as Larry. It cost about the same acquiring the donor car, swapping the engine/automatic, buying the manual radiator and the automatic gearbox cooling radiator as the car original cost to buy ~ $2000. I got 100,000 kms on the first 2K spend so I hope to get a good run this time around. At 73 years of age who knows how long I will be driving, but at least I will be grinning to the end.


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    Awesome news John. Well done. I hope you continue to enjoy it!

    Regards cam
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    And congratulations to Jason - obviously an innovative problem solver. That seems remarkably good value for money, and the unwanted SX presumably is still a source of useful stuff!

    I have a 16 valve SX wagon. Not especially powerful, but very willing to rev. Engine has done about 310,000 km and uses no oil or water - a great piece of engineering. One thing I don't like is the cable clutch, but you are spared that. Fingers crossed that the cooler does the job for the auto - I think I need one for my XM!


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