Farewell to hydraulic Citroens after 35 years
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Thread: Farewell to hydraulic Citroens after 35 years

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    Default Farewell to hydraulic Citroens after 35 years

    Today I made the decision to scrap my Xantia VSX. Jason came with another radiator, we filled it up started the car and it made funny noises. Blown head gasket as a minimum and maybe trashed main bearings. We toyed with replacing the cylinder head, even a complete engine, but the Achilles heel is that there are no new radiators and the plastic headers are getting older and more brittle. Driving the car for the last time the 50 metres back to parking it on the road, I felt a pang of sorrow, saying goodbye for the last time to the compliant hydraulic suspension and the razor sharp brakes. Then I drove the replacement 2000 Camry the same distance and realized the gulf between a car designed from a drivers perspective to one from a mechanics perspective.I have had hydraulic suspended Citroens for 35 years. A CX C-matic, CX25IE Automatic, two BX 19 automatics and the Xantia VSX automatic. My wife can't drive manuals, hence the need for automatics, plus I prefer an automatic around town.Thank God I have two Deuche Chevaux to keep me sane even if they don't keep my licence intact. Hopefully when I die, my wife will suggest they dig a real big hole, remove the passenger seat and rear seat from the Dueche, poke the coffin in from the boot to sit alongside the driver and bury the lot (except the driver).I probably don't have the qualifications for Heaven (too many demerit points) so I may as well make my own. John

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    Looks like a candidate for a c5

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    Sounds like a depressing day. You have my sympathy.

    My wife says that she canít drive a manual car. But the truth is that she wonít. I know that she can, but she doesnít have the confidence to do so.

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