Bloody RACV!!
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Thread: Bloody RACV!!

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    Default Bloody RACV!!

    Well, I finally got an answer from RACV regarding the damage my poor R25 copped from the idiot truckies that carted her back from WA. They basically said they didnt believe me and and said without proof (like I have detailed dated photos of all the chassis crossmembers lying around ) they wont do squat.
    The truckies have denied using the tow hook as a tie down and careless loading (surprise surprise..) and only by finding the actual trailer used and loading car on it to check clearance (yeah right, it could be anywhere in the country and they are not going to let me borrow it...) will they do anything.

    NOT HAPPY!!!! I have toe in out of spec on the affected suspension (from damage to the trailing arm mount on the chassis no doubt) and it is going to cost me $500 to get the box sections unsquashed.


    Time to talk some legal type person I guess...
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    You hit the nail on the head! See a good (aggressive) legal person and get the ball rolling, no sense in delaying things as this is the only thing they understand other than raising premiums annually while reducing their exposure (risk)

    Sad to see the RACV that used to be the motorists best friend heading this way, it used to be the best insurance company (once) but it seems that these days
    you need a bit of muscle to get a legitimate claim through!!

    PS don't bother complaining to them through their email as they haven't reponded to the one I sent them over 12 months ago!!!

    Good luck


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