Bowel cancer screening tests
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Thread: Bowel cancer screening tests

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    Default Bowel cancer screening tests

    Hello all,


    Off topic a bit but I thought Iíd share my experience with you in the hope that it helps others.

    If you donít know, when you hit 50 the government will send you a free bowel cancer screening test (happy birthday!).

    The test itself is pretty straightforward and not that bad to do.

    Bowel cancer is one of the most survivable and treatable cancers there is - if found early. Sadly only 4 out of 10 people do the screening tests. Men are more likely to develop bowel cancer than women.

    70-80% of cancer cases have no previous family history. If you do have family history then testing/colonoscopies start earlier than 50. My kids will need colonoscopies from 40. It was recommended that my siblings have them too.

    So, what Iím suggesting is that if you have a test floating around and havenít done it, do it! Talk to your family/loved ones and encourage them to do the test if theyíre dragging their feet. If you want to get a test theyíre available either though the screening program or for about $40 from here:

    For me, I did my first test after procrastinating for a couple of months. It came back positive - a colonoscopy confirmed a cancer. I had an operation to remove the offending bit and am doing some chemo (half way through) by Feb/March next year Iíll be back to normal!

    If I hadnít done the test? The surgeon reckoned that another 6 months it might have been a different story.

    You can find out more info here:

    Cancer Screening - Bowel Screening

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    I too am an advocate for early screening.

    In a different context - prostate cancer - i've been having regular PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) testing for the last several years. All OK until this year, with an elevated and accelerating result - leading to digital examination (not fun, but necessary) and then MRI and biopsy.

    Result is diagnosis of prostate cancer - grade 7 on the 10 point scale. Action needed, and a good chance of success at this stage. Had I lived on in blissful ignorance, without screening tests....

    So yes, get yourself tested!

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    Sage advise guys. Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately, we blokes all to often think it won’t happen to me.
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    I add some more to IWS post. Contrary to usual advice to have PSA blood test at 12 monthly intervals , from first hand experience suggest SIX monthly intervals for the very simple blood test , a very aggressive prostate cancer was picked up before it had a chance to do its terminal work . Another six months would have had me posting this from afar ( up there or down below - 20 years ago).

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