Michelin Classic Tyre Suppliers in Aus
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    Default Michelin Classic Tyre Suppliers in Aus

    Just to update on the ongoing issue of tyre availability for older

    There is now a new stockist / distributor of the Michelin Vintage range based in Melbourne who have a reasonable web site with technical info....

    Stuckey Tyres
    828 Sydney Rd. Brunswick 3056 Victoria, Australia. (Just south of Moreland Rd)
    Phone: (03) 9386-5331 Fax: (03) 9386-9153
    Email: [email protected]

    There is of course the existing and most reliable of suppliers (in my experience).....with a heap of info on their web site....

    Antique Tyres
    134 McEwan Road
    WEST HEIDELBERG VIC 3081 Telephone (03) 9458-4433
    Fax (03) 9458-4795

    They have just received a shipment of Michelin ZX 145SR15's but they have all been sold...!!! (I got the last four ) and at $115.00 each they are great buying...!!!

    Interestingly they also have in stock Firestones (Made in italy) in 145SR15 size @ $119.60 each ....does anyone have any experience with these???

    And the Vredestien Sprint Classics that I run on my GS (155SR15's) @ $120.00 each and on mine at least they are a great tyre IMHO, steer perfectly (and light) stick like glue and very quiet...and seem to fill the wheel well a lot better.....

    Anyway I just thought I'd update on specialty suppliers of these at times hard to get and very expensive necesities of classic Frog ownerhsip....


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    Default 155x15

    155x 15 tyres are the same as on the older Saabs, maybe the Saab people have a another connection. Sounds like it is covered pretty well anyway.

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