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Thread: Thanks PSA Engineers!

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    Default Thanks PSA Engineers!

    Over the past few years my wife has been terrorising the streets of Melbourne in her 307 Peugeot. That's perhaps unkind as she is, in fact, a pretty good driver.

    Sadly, however, the 307 is no more. It was reduced to a foreshortened pile of broken parts after a forcible, head on, juxtaposition with the earth embankment beside a road.

    Mrs P, however, walked away with only superficial bruises and a shaken constitution. Praise Be the designers at PSA for all of the safety features worked perfectly.


    It seems that the combination of a slightly wet road and a recently repaired pothole may have been the cause of the rear of the car "stepping out". Mrs P did all the right things, backing off, steering gently into the slide and in fact felt that she'd almost got it all back on track when the car snapped around , slammed the embankment and spun into the middle of the road facing the right way again. It sounds like a "tank slapper" to me from which there is rarely an easy recovery.

    All that is academic now. The best outcome is that she was unhurt, and once again I thank the fact that first of all the passenger cell remained intact, (All four doors still opened), the pre-tensioners on the seatbelt held her firmly in the seat and every airbag went off, turning the inside of the car into a bouncy castle with floating powder everywhere, and even, she swears, flames! (I suspect the bags going off scared her more than pirouetting along the road!)

    No other cars were nearby so no other damage was incurred. Emergency services were fantastic, and understanding.

    Anyway, the main point of all this is that we have now invested in another PSA product given that we both reckon the structual integrity, as well as luck, minimised what could have been a horrific accident.

    We welcome Oscar, a brand new Citroen C3 Shine in bright orange with a black roof. Mrs P is already in love with him.

    My impression of the C3 is that this is a fun car. Funky looks, interesting interior and nippy handling. It's really a fun drive. Surprisingly roomy as far as passengers go, however the cabin storage is minimal (could use drawers under the seats like the 307) and, naturally, being slightly smaller all round than the 307, the boot area is smaller. None of this constitutes a deal breaker though.

    So hopefully I can rest easy in the knowledge that my lovely spouse, as well as any Grandkids being transported School and Kinder-wards are as safe as modern engineering by those clever chaps and chappettes at PSA can manage.

    Cheers, Pottsy.
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    Good to hear. When my wife had her series 1 Scenic written off (from being run into the rear while stationary), we replaced it with a series 2 Scenic at the time. Her comment at the time, “you can buy me any car you like as long as it has a 5 Star crash rating”. Our daughter (4 at the time) was also in the car and unharmed. As it was a rear ender though, the airbags didn’t go off in her case.

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