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Thread: GST operations

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    Default GST operations

    Lots of questions have been asked about the enforcement of the import collection method used by Customs,with Jerry's help no doubt.So here's one.
    This is one I've been privy to,I sold my old Rangie to a bloke- as is, the master cyl was after 21 years in the shed obviously very sus ,so I suggested,buy one one from UK.
    There was a delay,so he checked with supplier,who informed him that it had been sent to Australia, but the Customs sent it back to the UK as this Company exported $180k in parts to Australia per last year {where that info came from I know not} so they are sending it again,I suppose they have now a Tax Number who knows?
    Who pays 3 lots of freight is still a mystery, how long it will take is unknown!
    The bill is about UK 165 quid all up, so 10% of that cost the tax payers plenty!


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    Like a lot of the GST, it has been an administrative nightmare, with a lot of legal action over the years devoted to sorting it out.
    I believe that most legal challenges relate to GST, and I can say from personal experience, that you will meet people in the ATO, even at senior levels, who do not understand the laws + legislation.

    The bookkeeping aspect once was quoted as costing $11,900 per annum for small businesses...not the actual GST.

    This "new" collection is going to be another lengthy and complex matter.
    It is business that pays twice as a result, and these costs will be passed on.

    Life is rarely "simple" but taxation is far better served by the KISS principle.
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