This year on the third stage of the TdF a number of classic caravanne vehicles were on parade. All French, mainly Renaults.

Tour de France specials-dscf3943.jpgTour de France specials-dscf3942.jpgTour de France specials-dscf3941.jpgTour de France specials-dscf3940.jpgTour de France specials-dscf3944.jpgTour de France specials-dscf4042.jpgTour de France specials-dscf3932.jpgTour de France specials-dscf3937.jpgTour de France specials-dscf3936.jpgTour de France specials-dscf3938.jpgTour de France specials-dscf4038.jpgTour de France specials-dscf4039.jpgTour de France specials-dscf3939.jpg