Hi guys,

Newbie here. Bought a 2008 307 Peugeot a couple of years ago for daughter and on the strength of it's performance and good behaviour, I then later bought a 2006 407 for my son. These are both high mileage cars but drive well and have great safety for kids - me thinks anyway.

Have a question though. My daughters 307 has just had the Exhaust fluid low warning light come on. I am well aware of the system (ex mechanic years ago). I have been looking around and was wondering if I really need to go to the expense of topping this up when the car is over 250k mileage and will mostly last only another year or so until she trades it in etc.


I suspect that the fluid ran out long ago and some people even state the system does not monitor the level but activates the dash warning based on time or distance. Anyone know if this true and whether car may go into a limp home mode or similar in the future?

Just does not seem feasible to spend maybe $500 on such a thing when the car is functional but quite worn. Anyways Thanxs in advance for any input. Gotta say have gained a strong respect for the cars since we bought them and I love the ease of servicing them. The oil and fuel filters are so easy to replace.


Steve from Onslow WA