1.2 turbo petrol. Oli specifications? Australian advice sought.
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Thread: 1.2 turbo petrol. Oli specifications? Australian advice sought.

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    Default 1.2 turbo petrol. Oli specifications? Australian advice sought.



    I have a 2008 Allure with the 3 cyl turbo, the only engine option in Australia. Great car. Bought in November 2017. Very happy with my decision.

    Time to think about looking after it. With 12 months/15000 Km between changes, and the recommendation to check and add oil (if needed) between changes, I'm a little confused about the specification to buy. I've done 6000 since I bought it, so I suppose I should check the oil even no red lights have turned up on the dashboard yet!

    The manual for the 2008 mentions three oils

    Peugeot Oil reference B71 2312 Synthetic SAE 0W-30
    Peugeot Oil reference B71 2296 Synthetic SAE 5W-40
    Peugeot Oil reference B71 2300 Semi-Synthetic SAE 10W-40

    The manual is totally uninformative about which to use. I may assume perhaps that they could be different for Europe or the Turbo diesel, but who knows? Sacre bleu and merde.

    Any suggestions as to which to use? Not really fussy about using a particular brand.


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    For both EB2DT (81 kW) and EB2DTS (96 kW) three cylinder turbo engines, the engine oil should be approved to PSA oil standard B71 2312. Click here for more info.

    PSA oil standard B71 2312 specifies (amongst other things) an SAE viscosity grade of 0W-30.

    * * * * *

    There appear to be several oils on the worldwide market with PSA B71 2312 approval, and my guess is that many aren't imported here, but I think owners here may have some chance in at least finding these:

    Castrol GTX Professional C2 0W-30
    Mobil Super 3000 Formula P 0W-30
    Shell Helix Ultra Professional AP-L 0W-30
    Total Quartz Ineo First 0W-30

    Mind you, I wouldn't be surprised if the first three products are only available in bulk (such as 20L, 60L or 208L drums).

    I would try contacting Total's distributor network.

    Onshore Oils in Brisbane have been pretty good in sending products to members here, but as you're in Melbourne, try the Victorian distributors first.

    You could also consider contacting a Peugeot or Citroen dealer.

    * * * * *

    There are also products that meet or exceed OEM oil standards (as opposed to approved - watch for the wording used here). This usually means that the product has not been submitted to the vehicle manufacturer for testing, so these judgements would be based on the lubricant manufacturer's internal testing.

    Nulon Full Synthetic 0W-30 C2
    Penrite Enviro+ C2 0W-30

    In this case, any liability with regards to lubricant-related engine damage would be borne by the lubricant manufacturer. I expect Nulon and Penrite to stand by their products if they judge these to be suitable for applications calling for PSA B71 2312.

    * * * * *

    Background information:

    In-house engine oil specifications enable OEMs (vehicle manufacturers) to specify, control and remove variability in regards to the quality of engine oils - especially in the context of modern engines, owing to their increase in technology and complexity.

    You often see them on the back of the bottle, e.g. BMW LL-04, MB 229.51, PSA B71 2290, Renault RN0720, VW 504.00/507.00, etc.

    My understanding is that lubricant manufacturers can obtain the spec sheet from the vehicle manufacturers on request, formulate a product based on those requirements, and submit it to the vehicle manufacturer for testing - the cost of which is borne by the lubricant manufacturers, usually in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars. If the product passes all the tests, it can be considered an approved oil.

    Some OEMs like BMW, Mercedes and the VW Group have had this system for a while now, so their list of approved oils are quite long, which means it isn't hard to find an approved oil in Australian retail stores - the PSA Group have a bit of catching up to do in this regard.
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