Going to Scotland in June 2018 - any suggestions for great road trips and cars
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Thread: Going to Scotland in June 2018 - any suggestions for great road trips and cars

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    Default Going to Scotland in June 2018 - any suggestions for great road trips and cars

    Hi all,

    My partner and I are travelling to Scotland (for the first time) in June 2018 for around 18 days.

    We arrive in Edinburgh and wish to drive around Scotland and in particular, go to the following areas:
    - Edinburgh
    - Glasgow
    - NC500
    - Lagavulin Distillery
    - Isle of Skye


    Ideally, I would love to hire a car that can take two suitcases and hand luggage.

    I am open to any suggestions. I would ideally love to hire a classic car but an alternative modern car that would be fun to drive and ideal for Scottish roads.

    Thank you so much.


    1974 Citroen D Special (Blanc Meije)
    1989 Citroen 2CV 6 Dolly (Plum & Custard)

    Previously owned Frenchies -
    1976 Citroen GS 1220
    1997 Peugeot 306 XSi
    1995 Citroen XM Series II V6 (Vert Vega)

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    You may be doing this already, but a loop far north ( Inverness and beyond ) is worth it. At that time of year it can be a bit disorienting having it still light at 2am, but it is a beautiful area ( and you get to try Speyside malts as well as Islay malts ). Also offers a route to the West along Great Glen/Loch Ness etc

    Haven't hired an interesting car in UK for long time. There used to be a crowd called Two Horse Hire under Vauxhall bridge that hired 2CV's but they are long gone. They were excellent.

    Given that you are going for 18 days I think that you qualify for the Froggy leasing scheme ( used to be anything over 14days, not sure now ), which gives you a fully insured LHD Frog of your choosing. It is often cheaper than rental and you get good cars. Generally cheaper to pick up and drop off in France, but the train from Paris to London through the tunnel makes this less of a pain. Might have to allow a couple of extra days.

    Driving an LHD car on RHD roads is no great problem once you learn to dodge all those cars Can be a bit of a pain overtaking on Brit B and C roads, as one has to pull out rather too far to see ( or have a spotter )

    Best Wishes

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    I envy you mate....but don't forget to pack a can of RID repellent for the midges (no, they aren't wee Scots people they're list bugs that itch....) Have a great trip. Wonder if you could rent a Morgan?
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    We usually fly into Stanford airport and pick up a pre booked rental paid up front in Australian dollars, as the drive North is worthwhile and even experience some of the Bed and breakfast, took us a long time to discover the joys of B&B's and make sure you can drop off the rental car in Scotland.

    Edinburgh is nice for the castle and such like, but I felt the last time we were there it had got a little bit sleazy with druggies and lay-abouts, whereas Glasgow exceeded our expectations and lots of historic places to visit. Driving along the Northern Coast is very scenic and the hospitality is great, if you can understand the pure Scots language. They will tell you which places to try Haggis and also tips on visiting local attractions and Scottish folklore.
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    Iím not sure if you can specify a particular car unless itís thru a specialist company.
    Our experience is one of getting whatís available at the time.

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