Canberra Froggers - help please.
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Thread: Canberra Froggers - help please.

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    Default Canberra Froggers - help please.

    Hi all

    My dear lady has a Canberra gig that seems to be going on a lot longer than I thought it would.

    She he is living out of suitcases as she moves from housesit to housesit and is driving a borrowed car. While she seems to like the fluidity of housesitting - and meeting an extraordinary array of cats and dogs - the borrowed car thing is at an end and we need a place to store 3 or 4 suitcases (for modest $$$) and a reliable vehicle in the $3000 - 6000 range.

    Any viable leads will be warmly rewarded with a modestly priced bottle of white/red.



    PS Ann, for all her skills and talents, would struggle to tell the difference between a DS and a Zeta so marque of transport ain't as important as water-tightness, reliability and functioning heater/demister, A/C would be nice too, and power steering a bonus (she's been driving old cars for a very long time. Not sure she realises they come as standard equipment...) First car was a VW, so she can use all the pedals.

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    Hey mate, we shouldn't have any trouble storing a few suitcases. Not sure how accessible they need to be though? No cash needed.

    Unfortunately can't help with the loan car though.

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    After many years in a stable relationship one learns that rigourous cross-examination on almost any topic does not end well.

    Turns out the "few suitcases" is a few more plus a bike and access is a little more important than first thought. She found a lockable place for not much rent and we'll ship a car over rather than add to the fleet.

    Many thanks Ben.
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