207 Pug Wagon 1.6 Hdi recent acquisition.
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Thread: 207 Pug Wagon 1.6 Hdi recent acquisition.

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    Default 207 Pug Wagon 1.6 Hdi recent acquisition.

    I was recently hit by a hailstorm, so both my 307 pugs were damaged. THe hatch was a mess, broken windscreen & lotsa dents, & the wagon (an ex- Coles,Lismore car) was dented badly enough to be economic w/o.
    After investigating the logic of keeping the wagon, (NRMA wanted 20% residual fo me to keep the car), I decided to find another car.
    I looked around wanting a Pug dieel wagon, & found a few 307s, but one 207 at Emerald hill in Melbourne at $3999 looked interesting. Odd dealer: they de-register their lower cost cars (I guess to keep their overheads lower). The car had been possibly a one-owner, because all the services were performed at the pug dealer in Ballarat. I negotiated a price after being assured the car was fully driveable, but needed tyres, paid a holding deposit & flew down to melb from the Gold Coast.
    On looking at the car, found an oil leak, 4 virtually worn out tyres, & a badly cracked screen. Drove the car, & it was tight! Negotiated a bit more off for the windscreen, paid the balance, & got a Vic 7 day permit to drive home. (Phew! otherwise it was the train!). The 180K major service was also due.
    I bought (previously arranged) 4 of Bridgestone RE003 tyres ($580 fitted), then drove to Sydney. Rang around in Sydney & had a screen fitted for $380.
    Arrived home, & booked the car in to Coles for a Major service. Fitted a guard plate on the FAP tank (made by Mark at Coles: good idea for country cars!
    Since then, I have fitted a towbar, Alloy wheels (Genuine Pug, stronger than steel: sourced from APC in Sydney: seems a good wrecker to deal with). I have also ordered the parts for genuine Bluetooth off ebay:
    the box for the back of the glovebox, & the Mic that fits into the interior light. Parts cost about $100. (But needs programming to enable)
    So now I have a nice car with all the major servicing done, good tyres & wheels all ready to conquer our terrible country roads!


    ( I did look for the p/o of the car: apparently a lady teacher from Ballarat area. Would love to tell her that her car has gone to a good home!)
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    Hope you get a good run out of it Dougf.
    My wife has a 2008 with the 1.6 HDi and the engine is surprisingly good.
    Looking at the engine's figures on paper doesnt give the true picture of its performance.

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