we're scraping the bottom of the barrel at our local library
where dvds are concerned. I brought a few home the other day
and we decided to try Target, with Hackman, and Matt Dillon as his son.
I didn't know the film at all, only that it was a thriller of some sort.
the plot has Hackman's wife, Dillon's mother, disappear in Paris.
they fly over and decide to rent a car to start the chase.
suddenly I'm bouncing on the couch. "hey, a 205, it's a 1.6 Gti!"
Susan looks across sceptically, "I thought you didn't know anything about it..."
thanks to The French Connection, we know that Hackman is an effective
wheelman, if lacking in finesse, and soon the 205 is thrashing and slithering around.
all too briefly, besides which it can't shake off an urbane Renault.
still, a nice surprise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Twc15AbInxs