Peugeot starring in Blade Runner 2049
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Thread: Peugeot starring in Blade Runner 2049

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    Default Peugeot starring in Blade Runner 2049

    Apologies if this has been mentioned before but i couldnt find any mention of it maybye noone here likes sci-fi

    I just saw the film and the main characters car is in fact a futuristic flying Peugeot!
    It was the only car manufacturer shown in the entire movie as well.
    Safe to say at least theres french cars in the future to enjoy Peugeot starring in Blade Runner 2049-1509342891996.jpg

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    Wonder how much it cost Peugeot to get their nameplate on one of the 'cars' in the movie.
    Other car manufacturers probably weren't prepared to pony-up the dosh they were asking for a appearance of the name or logo.
    (No Peugeot lion badge but by 2049 lions will probably be extinct outside of Zoos).
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    Is it because Peugeot are the Oldest company making cars and therefore outlast the others?
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    After reading your thread, I went and saw the movie today. Saw a Peugeot neon sign on the side of a building at one point with a Coca-Cola sign and some other neon signage, I didn’t recognize. Also the Peugeot logo comes up on the LCD displays on the dashboard of the LAPD Police ‘vehicle’ during start. I didn’t pick up on the vehicle external signage in your attached image. The rear section of Officer K's Peugeots looks like the new electric concept as follows:
    Photos of News | Media Peugeot International
    I’m still a bit confused if Officer K ( Ryan Gosling) is or isn’t the other mentioned child e.g. girl & boy offspring of Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford)? Oh well , might watch it again. I’m not sure if Peugeot achieved any real exposure as only Peugeot owners would pick up on the corporate logo.

    I just realized I saw a much shortened version of Bladerunner 2049 at Hoyts??? Attached is R rated and pre-scenes not included in the cinema version seen in Hoyts?
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