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Thread: Great Experience Shannons

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    Default Great Experience Shannons

    Hi all,

    It's nice to find some good things in a bad situation. A recent problem meant a tow and insurance claim on our C5. Trade and General Towing in Newcastle communicated well and the drivers were very easy to deal with, clean trucks and quick but careful with the car.

    Shannons were great on the phone and arranged the tow and the repairers place quickly. The car was assessed as a write-off but they were happy to allow me to do my own repairs with a significant payment. The also arranged the tow from the repairers to my house at their cost and quickly. I've been with Shannons for years but this is my first claim. They were superb and understanding. When it mattered they came through.


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    Yes, that has been my experience with them as well (not that I have had m any claims).

    Shane L.
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    Me too.
    Once upon a time:

    Many R4s (incl. fourgonnette), R5LS, R16TS.

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    I've had 2 claims this year, and both were painfully slow.

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    Mrs UFO was driving the C5 on the M5 (Sydney) on the Friday afternoon before the recent long weekend. As I had been in Sydney for the day and we were having an Old Cooma Friends reunion weekend at one of the friend's houses in Westmead I was already at the arrival point and was wondering where Deb was. Eventually I had a phone call that started with "I'm OK but I've been in a prang"

    She had stopped in a line of traffic and the fairly new Land Rover Disco behind her was had almost stopped when a Falcon tray back ute behind the Disco didn't. This tapped the Disco into the back of the C5 causing some minor damage to the rear bumper. The back of the Disco was a bit damaged and it went into "shutdown" mode and couldn't be started. The Falcon was totalled!

    Anyway, Deb was only a couple of km away and the car is perfectly driveable so she was shortly at the destination. She had photos of the cars and licences of all involved.

    At 4:45pm on a Friday I phoned Shannons and within 10 minutes Joel had lodged my claim providing a claim number and booked me into Gerringong Smash Repairs for 8:30 Tuesday morning for an assessment (not Monday as it was a LWE).

    I took the car for assessment and the repairers said that they would advise Shannons and I would have a call in a couple of days - which I did. I was advised that the claim had been accepted and now all I had to do was wait for the repairers to contact me to book it in.

    The service from Shannons was always helpful and cheerful and included showing concern about how Deb was (completely fine).

    Craig K
    2009 C5 HDi Exclusive

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    Every time I drive on the M2 and M5 at knock on and off times I worry about the tray backs - particularly about the one very close behind me. I'm sorry about the damage, but I am not surprised it happened.
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    I've had to make three claims over about 15 years and each one was easy and straight forward.
    Two repair claims and one write off claim, all were easy, they even helped with one of these that wasn't our fault, they took care of things so I didn't have to deal with the other insurance company.
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    Good to hear, I have a couple of cars with them but (to date.......) no claim.
    Hoping it actually stays that way ;-)

    Actually my past claims history with a couple of other insurers (QBE, Allianz) has been fine, including when I was at fault after tripping my 4x4 onto its side at 1kph.

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    My experience too - very painless. One only knows how good one's insurer really is when the claim comes up

    What was also interesting was that my repairer said the same of them - always very reasonable, focused on the car and not trying to force him into cheap compromises, unlike most other companies


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