G'Day fellow Froggers
I have a lexia3 which I have had for a couple of years and never had a laptop to put it on.

Now My son has moved home for a while and is better at computers than me, I got him to load it onto my computer, But it was a job because the instructions were in Russian.
So after looking and researching AF posts we loaded it but i didn't work the computer was windows 10.
I then got another old laptop loaded it and had not enough memory and proformance
Now I have found an laptop with XP perfessional on it we have loaded it, and reloaded it and reloaded it
and it all works now until you pick the vehicle you want and it says VCI NOT CONNECTED

I have this unit which has the USB plug on it and a green light comes on but nothing else happens unplug from car or plug into the Diag socket

CAN ANYONE HELP I have 5 cars I need to use this on 4 307's and a C5 Diesel


It's driving me to drink with no sleep!!!!!!!

Mark C.