Partners of Le Tour - Skoda
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Thread: Partners of Le Tour - Skoda

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    Default Partners of Le Tour - Skoda

    I'm surprised that the Le Tour does not have a French car company as sponsors or partners. Or did they once?
    Not that I've noticed or can't remember. But over the years watching Le Tour, all I see is Skoda cars, from the Czech Republic.
    Surely Le Tour would look good with the Magane wagons with support and bikes on the roof racks handing out bottles.
    Shame... just noticed, that all.


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    Who could forget the iconic images of the 203 décapotable, and cutaways, servicing the riders as they rode alongside. Yes, Peugeot provided the officials' cars, up to 2004, according to this website:

    Cars of the Tour de France - Tour de France

    Obviously, the mighty dollar (or €) won out. French cars and the Tour go hand in hand, sort of like Australia and Eurovision.
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