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    Icon5 Steam Powered Car

    Has any one on this forum heard anything about this. Not French but as this is the only car forum i am on, i thought i would ask. Sounds like an April fools joke but on the wrong day....


    Things to get steamed up about
    By Chris Twyman (Sydney Morning Herald)
    April 3, 2004

    With uncanny timing, the boutique motor vehicle manufacturer Katana has released details of its new steam-powered 2+2 seater - just as the crude oil price surges towards $US40 a barrel.

    Katana's F-class Kompensator may well be the most innovative motor vehicle to appear in Australia since the prototype steam-powered Gvang in 1972.

    The Gvang itself briefly revived the dream of steam car hopefuls, such as Victoria's Thomson and South Australia's David Shearer and Sons, and of course, the commercially successful Stanley Steamers from the US.

    Stanley models were produced from around the turn of the 19th century until as late as 1925 before succumbing to the popularity of petrol power. As early as 1906, a Stanley Steamer Rocket clocked more than 200 km/h on a run at Daytona Beach in Florida, far faster than any petrol-driven vehicle of the time.

    The steam-powered Kompensator has overcome the major drawback of these earlier marques - namely, the time required to build up boiler pressure. Sometimes it could take as much as half an hour from ignition of furnace fuel to getting under way.

    In the F-class, a small nuclear enactor - Katana assiduously avoids using the difficult, regressive, old-tech term "reactor" - quickly brings the boiler up to operating pressure.

    "It's merely a matter of scale," said Professor Elsinor Harbinger, Katana's manager, public persuasion. "The technology works in submarines and aircraft carriers, so it was just a matter of looking at the small picture."

    The professor dismissed as uninformed any talk of enactor leakage, but did confirm that when the small red light in the dashboard flashed, it indicated that a service was due.

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    Nuclear reactors in cars, somehow I think someone is pulling your d***. Although they're right about one thing, the Stanley Steamers we quite fast in their day and the stream engines do have some advantages over the petrol engine, eg. flat torque curve, etc.

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