"unique cars" interesting read...
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    Icon6 "unique cars" interesting read...

    ....for those that can be bothered....the latest issue of "unique cars" carries a couple of nice FRENCH car stories....:

    first, a review in DRIVEN (p24) on the new 206 gti 180.....not a spectacular article by any means but mainly friendly towards the little pug....and yes he does mention the peddals being to close......includes a nice pic of a blue gti 180....

    second,....on page 54....a nice little (2 page) story on the little 2cv for all the citrophiles....again a nice pic,......but the commentary on the "NISSEN HUT" detracts and takes up way 2 many paragraphs.....


    and finnaly on page 78(another 2 page spread)...an interesting piece about the beggings of the little ALPINE...again....couple of nice shots of the vehicle....well worth a read....

    and as if thats not enough....a small pic of a RENAULT 12 GORDINI (p 82)....
    nice 2 see a mag like this paying us so much attention.....


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    Quote Originally Posted by dino
    ....and yes he does mention the peddals being to close.....
    Yes well, we'd expect that from the motoring press. Like they say in the trade: "don't let the truth get in the way of a good story." I test drove the 206gti when it first came out and even with my size 12 clodhoppers it was FINE.

    I defy anyone to go from one car to another and not experience SOME adjustment in the seating/driving position. Scheee!

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