Not Another Tyre Thread ! (WA)
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    Default Not Another Tyre Thread ! (WA)

    OK .. you guessed it, almost up for new tyres ... 205/45 R16 Eagle F1's on there now (D2's) want the D3's but not available in that size yet. Nor is the RevSpec.
    The Dunlop SP3000A is only in 50 profile 205/50R16, a the SP SPORT 9000 also isn't in that size. The DIREZZA DZ101 comes in the right size. There is the P-Zero-C tyres ... (homologated for road use too).

    Just as important .... tyre dealers .. who can personally recommend one in the West ? On both price and advice.

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    Rats, in the forum crash we lost Jason's thread on his tyre choice on the 206 GTI in your size. He ended up getting the Direzza's, but I'm not sure what he thinks of them yet. He ran Precedas before that which are very good in the dry, but a bit so-so in the wet. That's probably not a big issue for you in WA, though.

    I reckon you're best off with the Direzza DZ101s or Precedas.

    As for tyre places, I'd recommend calling around a fair bit. I am yet to come across any tyre shop (outside of Motorsport ones) who can actually advise much on what tyres to use.

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