Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself.

I'm a massive French car fan from Scotland, and I've been here a couple of years. Moving next week to Albury/Wodonga, so hoping for some nice drives up that way.

Back home, I was driving this lovely 1.9 GTI

Recently, with the weather getting a bit cold in Melbourne to just ride my motorbike, I was offered a good deal on this ph2 Xsara VTS, and I literally couldn't resist (I did try). It's great though, feels just like the 205 in all the control weights and balance. The extra weight is offset by the extra power, and the engine sounds great.

Much as I'd love to supercharge it and fit an LSD, it's too sweet as standard, so it'll stay mostly that way. I'm keen to source a set of lightweight Citroen C5 black steelies, as I love the look more than these alloys. Hope you like it, and I get to meet some of you in person over the next wee while. Cheers.