I only got 25,000 kms out of my rear brake pads. I got these from EBC in February last year, and now just over a year later, they're virtually down to the metal.

Annoying thing is I didn't get any warning. Just as I was getting near my house after driving home from work, I hear this grinding noise coming from the rear when I press the brakes. When I got home, I grabbed a torch and checked the rear pads and found that the passenger side has worn down to the metal. Driver's side still has a few millimetres left.

Fronts still look reasonable, although they are due to be replaced when I receive the 604 calipers I'm having reconditioned and my vented discs.

I haven't been regularly checking my pads because I expected them to last heaps longer than this. I'd say that normally I'm not too hard on the brakes when I drive, although I do like a spirited drive occasionally.


Is 25,000 kms a reasonable lifetime for pads or is something wrong somewhere? Lucky thing is I've booked the car in to Bob Watsons tomorrow to have my power steering leak fixed. I thing the guys there will have an extra job to do, that's if I can make it there very carefully...