New member, returning from the wilderness
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Thread: New member, returning from the wilderness

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    Default New member, returning from the wilderness

    Hello AussieFrogs,

    Before I post a question, I felt it only polite to introduce myself, give a little bit of history, and try not to bore you senseless in the process.


    In short, I am returning from the wilderness, but not in the manner I expected.

    My first car, 28 years ago, was a 1969 Renault 10, purchased from a country paddock in Bendigo for $150 from the ungrateful granddaughter of the original owner who had given it to her as a first car. It was a genuine one-owner... that is if you excluded the grand-daughter of course, but she literally never set foot in it.

    I restored it to as close to perfection as I could afford, did all the work myself, and was still driving it four years later when we were cleaned up by a drunk driver in a stolen car at 3am on a Melbourne Freeway. The car was totalled but thankfully the passengers were ok.

    I sought out a replacement, found a pretty manky Renault 10 replacement in Box Hill which I kept going for a year then I bought a decent 1969 Renault 16 TS which I nursed along for about three years before buying a Peugeot 504 wagon.

    The 504 was a ripper, a non-7-seat version of the wagon, which I fitted with an auto because I was doing so much city driving. I gave this to my sister after about four years when I bought myself a very far-gone series 1 505 wagon for a pittance from a very dodgy car dealer in Sunshine West. I threw far too much money at the 505 but managed to keep it going for a few years of early family life, during which time many of our friends loved it so much they bought much better 505s (series 2, the lucky b-----ds!) to move their kids around.

    At this point, I strayed from the path of righteousness, and went to the dark side. Yes, I am sorry to admit the 505 wagon became a Volvo 740 wagon, which became a Volvo V70 wagon and now has a Volvo XC70 wagon to go with it.

    So, what the heck am I doing here?

    Well as I drove my 13.5 year old son to school a couple of weeks ago in one of the Volvo wagons he pretty well floored me by telling me he really wanted to buy his Auntie's car. Now this 13.5 year old is not the kind of typical compulsive, want-it-now generation Y (or whatever the current mob are called.) He's a serious deep thinker, very bookish and academic, and he has shown absolutely no interest in cars whatsoever until this point in time. I am a sad-case low power to weight ratio petrol head, and keep a fleet of VERY odd vehicles that I have built from scratch in the garage, but he has never shown the slightest interest in any of that. Fair enough, that's a "dad thing", he has his passions, I have mine.

    So what does the deep thinking, seriously academic 13.5 year old son of a Volvo driving, old car restoring, garage tinkering dad want to buy?

    His Auntie's 404 sedan of course.

    I cannot begin to describe how thrilled I am. His Auntie (the same sister of mine who has now received three of my hand-me-down cars, the second Renault 10, the 504 Wagon and the Volvo 740 wagon which she still drives) has a superb 404, possibly known to some of the Melbourne Peugeot enthusiasts as "Ami" (The car, not my sister, she's called Sarah). I cannot think of a better car for a young male driver. Not too much horsepower, great visibility, astounding amounts of style. And Ami is a good one, I don't know the car's full history, but I think it is pretty good.

    So in a month's time we head from Adelaide, where we now live, to Melbourne in one of the Volvo wagons to collect Ami and driver her back to Adelaide, where she will have two and half years of pampering in a pretty well equipped workshop before donning the "L" plates for my son.

    That journey from Adelaide to Melbourne will feel like a trip back from the Wilderness, in more ways than one.

    Thanks for reading, I'll go and post my questions now.

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    Welcome to
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    Welcome back to the fold :-)
    It is great to hear of a young person taking an interest.
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