French Cars and fast bikes
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    Default French Cars and fast bikes

    I've always had a love for watching the mad buggers who can push a (very expensive) treadlie for a couple hundred K's a day for three weeks on the trot.
    Obvious the French one, the Spanish and the Italian.
    The Giro d'Italia happens to be on at the moment and the fleet of support vehicles are all Citroens, which is soo.. un-Italian except perhaps for some historic Maserati connection. In not using one of the national marques, I guess they are just following the lead of the French who must have a long term contract with Skoda.
    The worst part of it all that nobody has told Skoda about the change and they keep up a relentless barage of ad's for that Yeti thing. Or is it that an asleep behind the wheel Citroen marketing department(??is there one??)hasn't picked up on the fact that their motors are getting more air space than they will for the rest of the year?

    Those people that say I know - generally don't.

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    I think your latter suggestion about the CitroŽn marketers is more likely!

    The cycling's amazing (ditto the scenery!) but the enthusiasm it generates here, causes terrible peletonitis in some parts of Sydney.

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    I have always been a great admirer of the Isle of Man TT, without the advertising.

    There is far more daylight between the players than the gaggle of the peloton. The results are know within hours, not days.


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